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Norway gives 5 million kroner to Western Sahara flood victimsbf31flom13_510.jpg
10.11 - 2015 14:04
The Norwegian government has decided to donate approx. 670.000 Euros in humanitarian aid to UN's work towards refugees from Western Sahara, following the flooding in the refugee camps.  
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Parliament seminar in Oslo marks 40 year occupation 06.11 - 2015
Today marks the 40th 'anniversary' of the illegal Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara. The Friendship Group of Western Sahara in the Norwegian parliament marks the date. Read more
Nordic Youth Council Demands Recognition of Western Sahara02.11 - 2015
The 2015 session of the Nordic Youth Council asked the Nordic countries to work for the independence of Western Sahara.Read more

Thousands of Saharawis protest against San Leon Energy16.10 - 2015
Massive numbers of Saharawi refugees gathered last weekend to send a clear message to Irish oil company San Leon Energy which is looking for oil in their occupied homeland: "San Leon: go home". Find high resolution footage of the protest, free of charge.Read more
Norway youth in UN: MINURSO must monitor rights in Western Sahara08.10 - 2015
The UN operation in Western Sahara must be allowed to monitor human rights situation in Western Sahara. This was underlined by Norwegian youth delegates on behalf of Norway in the UN General Assembly this week.Read more

Icelandic lobbyist admits petitioning in UN on Morocco pay-rolliceland_leak_510.jpg
07.10 - 2015
The UN’s committee on decolonization allows so-called ‘petitioners’ to present their point of views on the conflict. An Icelandic lawfirm admits being paid by the Moroccan embassy in Oslo to do so.
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Lessons from the peace talks in Western Sahara30.07 - 2015
Article presented at the Norwegian peace negotiation conference Oslo Forum 2015. Read more
Saharawi refugees protest San Leon Energy's plunder plans20.07 - 2015
Irish company is to drill for occupying power Morocco. Saharawi refugees who were forcibly displaced following the occupation, protest their plans. Read more

Human rights activist beaten by police22.04 - 2015

A Saharawi human rights activists who has received several Norwegian delegations to occupied Western Sahara was severely injured from police beatings in Smara Friday night.
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Norwegian Labour Party: "Time for an independent Western Sahara"17.04 - 2015
"Western Sahara must now have its independence", stated the congress of the Norwegian Labour Party today.Read more

Norwegian delegation expelled from city in occupied Western Saharamartine_thea_510.jpg
28.03 - 2015
Moroccan police expelled before the week-end a Norwegian delegation who had travelled to Western Sahara to discuss with the Saharawi people the situation of Morocco's illegal oil industry in the territory.
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Norway Foreign Minister raised Western Sahara rights with France19.03 - 2015
The Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs this week discussed the mandate of the UN mission in Western Sahara with the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is France which every year prevents the UN force in the territory to monitor human rights. Read more
5 Norwegian groups expelled from Western Sahara this year28.12 - 2014
Here are the Norwegian groups expelled from Western Sahara and southern Morocco in 2014.Read more

Demonstrated against SeaBird controversy in Oslo19.12 - 2014
Saharawis and Norwegians gathered last night in front of the offices of SeaBird in Oslo to protest against the company's oil exploration in occupied Western Sahara on behalf of Glencore and the Moroccan government. Read more
Norwegian MPs founded a Group of Friends for Western Sahara18.12 - 2014
A cross-party Group of Friends for Western Sahara was established today, first time ever, in the Norwegian Parliament. The group’s goal is to contribute to defend the right to self-determination for the people of Western Sahara.Read more

Here the Norwegian human rights activists are being followed by policerafto_marrakech_510.jpg
11.12 - 2014
The Rafto Foundation for Human Rights is being followed by Moroccan police. On their hotel's own surveillance system, the Rafto delegation could see how the police followed them.
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The Rafto Fundation is now being expelled from occupied Western Sahara10.12 - 2014
A delegation from the Rafto Fundation for Human Rights is now being escorted out of the Western Sahara capital city El Aaiun by Moroccan police. The group entered the occupied territories yesterday, and discussed the Norwegian seismic company SeaBird with local human rights activists.Read more
Norwegian company SeaBird doing dirty oil search in occupied Sahara08.12 - 2014
The Norwegian seismi survey company SeaBird is currently shooting 2D images of the seabed in the El Aaiun-Tarfaya basis offshore occupied Western Sahara.Read more

Investor blacklisted Agrium for imports from occupied Western Sahara01.12 - 2014
The Norwegian investor KLP has sold all its shares in Agrium for its imports of phosphate rock from occupied territory.Read more
UN nutrition study reveals Saharawi kids malnourished23.11 - 2014
A UN study completed this year investigated the nutritional status in the Western Sahara refugee camps in Algeria. The study found that 7,6 percent of children are acutely malnourished, 16,7 percent are underweight, and 25.2 suffer from stunting. [Updated article]Read more


Since 1975, three quarters of the territory of Western Sahara has been occupied by Morocco. A majority of the population is still living in refugee camps in Algeria. Those who remained in their homeland are subjected to serious harassment from the Moroccan occupiers. For more than 40 years the Sahrawis have been waiting for the fullfilment of their legitimate right to self-determination.

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