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57 foreigners expelled from Western Sahara last five days

From 21 to 25 January, 57 foreign visitors to Western Sahara have either been stopped right after arrival to occupied Western Sahara or upon trying to enter. All were deported by police.
Published: 26.01 - 2017 11:43Printer version    
The expulsion of 57 foreigners happened in 15 different incidents:

Incident 1
Time: 21 Jan, noon
Place: El Aaiun police checkpoint
Peder Østring, Norway
Sofie Brunvoll, Norway

Incident 2
Time: 21 Jan, 2 PM
Place: Smara town
Jor Hjulstad Tvedt, Norway
Mari Fjermedal, Norway
Eva Benedikte Skogli, Norway
Marthe Jæger Tangen, Norway
The group was first ordered to leave Smara, but police told they were welcome in any other city, such as El Aaiun, but that they first travelled northwards. At a hotel in El Ouatia, they were at 9:30 PM approached by local authorities telling they were not allowed to El Aaiun as they were first promised, but had to travel anywhere further north. The group therefore wanted to travel to TanTan, with a stopover in Sidi Ifni first. Upon heading towards Tan Tan on 24 January at 1:20 PM, they were stopped by local police in Guelmim, told they could not go to Tan Tan either.
In other words, they were denied to go where they wanted three times by police. Authorities had twice broken promises as to where they could travel.

Incident 3: "Norwegians are not welcome in southern Morocco"
Time: 22 Jan, 4PM
Place: Tantan checkpoint
Snorre Sandberg, Norway
Daniel Fladvad, Norway
Kristian Sveistrup, Norway
Rolf-Jonas Ringen Kristiansen, Norway

Incident 4: "Because of bad weather"
Time: 22 Jan, 11:45PM
Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
Astrid Levåg, Norway
Fredrik Sanne Wattum, Norway
Heidi Berge Bergestig, Norway
Vebjørn Steinsholt, Norway
Mattias Bergdal, Norway
Kristian Duong, Norway

Incident 5
Time: 23 Jan, 05:15AM
Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
Jone Trovåg, Norway
Jonas Strisland, Norway

Incident 6
Time: 23 Jan, 05:15AM
Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
Teodor Nordenstrøm Bruu, Norway
Thea Marie Henriksen Hæhre, Norway

Incident 7
Time: 23 Jan, 05:15AM
Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
Kristine Kolstad, Norway
Knut Øye Brandsås, Norway

Incident 8: "It's forbidden to go to El Aaiun"
Time: 23 Jan,14:00
Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
Mari Hansen, Norway
Amalie Wuotila, Sweden
Johanna Isaksen Aaker, Norway
Amalie Rausand Søllesvik, Norway
Idunn Bathen Nonstad, Norway
Caroline Ekeberg, Norway

Incident 9
Time: 23 Jan, 15:00
Place: Sidi Ifni, police checkpoint
Theodor Barndon Helland, Norway
Lyder Johan Ovesen, Norway
Marte Næss Thomassen, Norway
Elisabeth Garlie Udjus, Norway
Martin Strand-Münter, Norway

Incident 10
Time: 24 Jan, 17:30
Place: El Aaiun
Bjarne Kjær, Denmark
Ingrid Pedersen, Denmark

Incident 11
Time: 24 Jan, 20:00
Place: El Aaiun airport, Western Sahara
Håkon Randgaard Mikalsen
Eirik Reikerås

Incident 12
Time: 24 Jan, 20:00
Place: Bouizakarne, Morocco
Kristine Sørheim, Norway
Johanne Sørheim, Norway
Linn-Elise Øhn Mehlen, Norway
Anja Ariel Tørnes Brekke, Norway
Tobias Lund, Norway
Tale Ellingvåg, Norway

Incident 13
Time: 25 Jan, 16:00
Place: Tan Tan, police checkpoint
Oda Sofie Heien Larsen, Norway
Aila Emilie Kamaly, Norway

Incident 14
Time: 25 Jan, 18:00
Place: Police checkpoint, entering Sidi Ifni from the north
Sara Shafighi, Norway
Frida Johansen, Norway
Caroline Macri, Norway/Italy
Urte Sniaukstaite, Lithuania
Katrine Inderberg, Norway
Priya Kaur Bains, Norway
Dina Henden, Norway
Mascha Burgerhoudt, the Netherlands
Erle Runde, Norway
Nadia Alexandra Mutoni, Norway

Incident 15
Time: 25 Jan, 18:00,
Place: El Aaiun airport
Hans Inge Alander, Norway
Diego Alexander Vaula Foss, Norway
The two were first prevented entering El Aaiun airport, then flown back to Casablanca, where they were instructed that they were to be deported. Mr. Foss stayed 2 days at Casablanca and Marrakech airports, without passport, awaiting his expulsion. Mr. Alander spent 3 days at Casablanca and Agadir airports. It took 15 hours before they were given food or water. They were not allowed to sleep on a bed.




Since 1975, three quarters of the territory of Western Sahara has been occupied by Morocco. A majority of the population is still living in refugee camps in Algeria. Those who remained in their homeland are subjected to serious harassment from the Moroccan occupiers. For more than 40 years the Sahrawis have been waiting for the fullfilment of their legitimate right to self-determination.

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